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About Us


The aim of the IESSSC is to provide a state of the art environment where people can explore new ideas, learn new techniques and observe and reflect on clinical practice together. Our vision is central to key service delivery priorities within the Trust and wider NHS. Core knowledge, skills and competencies required by all staff will be supported by innovative training and education programmes.

Investment in innovation, education and research is vital to improving the delivery and quality of patient care. The centre at Bradford provides a local, regional and national ‘Centre of Excellence’ where this can take place.

This is supported by a team of clinical and non-clinical educators, development of specialised education roles through the clinical education teams and the establishment of strong leadership by medical and nursing leads in undergraduate and postgraduate education.

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has a reputation for high quality innovative service delivery underpinned by skilled and motivated staff .Our education strategy has been designed to enable the trust to deliver its strategic aims and objectives

The strategy is based on key principles for education, training and supervision outlined within our own internal quality control standards.

These are:

High quality education and supervision of training

    We aim to deliver the highest quality education training and supervision to all our staff in all disciplines at every
    level. To achieve this we will:

  • Through rigorous quality assurance, quality control and improvement facilitation, continue to deliver high quality placements for undergraduate and postgraduate medical and non-medical trainees
  • Design and deliver high quality internal education programmes based on the needs of all staff
  • Design and deliver innovative education programmes incorporating simulation
  • Ensure constructive supervision and mentoring
  • Participate in the research and utilisation of evidence based best practise guidelines in education
  • Identify individual learning needs through the appraisal processlinked to the Knowledge and Skills Framework.
  • Ensure all staff have personal development plan

Education supporting patient safety and satisfaction

    Education services will:

  • Support key Trust patient safety initiatives i.e. SAFE,Patient Safety First
  • Through the use of simulation ensure staff are trained to deal with emergency and acute care safely and effectively as part of wider team
  • Through the use of simulation ensure staff are trained to deal with complex, challenging situations and difficult consultations

Modern fit for purpose education facilities and equipment

    Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has secured significant external funding and local investment
    for state of the art facilities in Field House Education Centre on our main site.

    We will continue to:

  • Develop and maintain modern facilities to support an environment optimised for learning
  • Maximise utilisation of facilities to support simulation,technical skills training, local and national examinations
  • Adopt a systematic approach to evaluation of education provision using a range of methods including Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Widen access to on-line learning resources to support distance and blended learning programmes

Excellence in customer care

    We will also:

  • Establish sound business principles to maximise opportunities to generate income to provide long term support for education services and access to training for all
  • Ensure our dedicated staff are competent to support national and international conferences to the highest standard
  • Strive for excellence in communication and customer relations to support our business objectives within the education services
  • Support and deliver excellent communication and customer service training to support all staff within the wider organisation

Development of strong clinical leaders

    We provide:

  • Professional development programmes to support the knowledge, skills and competencies required for positions of responsibility and leadership at all levels within the organisation.

Supporting all staff within our community

    We believe that all our staff has the same right to education and support and we will:

  • Ensure that all staff have the access to high quality education and training
  • Support the wider NHS and non NHS community on a regional and national basis
  • Support the implementation of Liberating the NHS through constructive dialogue with new commissioning partnerships
  • Link with the wider community including local schools and work experience programmes to enhance the Trust's reputation as a local employer of local people